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Arsenis, Panagiotis and Flores, Miguel (2023) Determinants of students’ salaries in the professional training year. Teaching in Higher Education, 28 (4). pp. 758-771. ISSN 1470-1294


Burke, Tom, Holleran, Laurena, Mothersill, David, Lyons, James, O'Rourke, Nathan, Gleeson, Christina, Cannon, Dara M., McKernan, Declan P., Morris, Derek W., Kelly, John P., Hallahan, Brian, McDonald, Colm and Donohoe, Gary (2023) Bilateral anterior corona radiata microstructure organisation relates to impaired social cognition in schizophrenia. Schizophrenia Research, 262. pp. 87-94. ISSN 1573-2509


Darcy, Colette, Garavan, Tom, McDonnell, Anthony, Duggan, James, Gubbins, Claire, O'Brien, Fergal and Butler, Clodagh (2023) The grand challenge of achieving decent work in digital platforms: an ecosystems informed systematic review. In: 23rd University Forum for Human Resource Development Conference, 7-9 June 2023, Dublin, Ireland.

Darcy, Colette, Garavan, Tom, O'Brien, Fergal, Buckley, Joan, Matthews-Smith, Gerri and McCabe, TJ (2023) Full-year abroad exchange programmes and future graduate global employability: the roles of acculturation motivation, self-efficacy, and cross-cultural adjustment. In: 23rd University Forum for Human Resource Development Conference, 7-9 June 2023, Dublin, Ireland.

Darcy, Colette, Shet, Sateesh, Garavan, Tom, O'Brien, Fergal and Morley, Michael (2023) Opening the black box of competencies and performance in organisations: an open systems informed review and future research agenda. In: 23rd University Forum for Human Resource Development Conference, 7-9 June 2023, Dublin, Ireland.

Dauvermann, M.R., Costello, L., Tronchin, G., Holleran, L., Mothersill, David, Rokita, K.I., Kane, R., Hallahan, B., Corvin, A., Morris, D., McKernan, D.P., Kelly, J., McDonald, C., Donohoe, G. and Cannon, D.M. (2023) Childhood trauma is associated with altered white matter microstructural organization in schizophrenia. Psychiatry Research: Neuroimaging. (In Press)

de Camargo Cancela, Marianna, Monteiro dos Santos, Jonas Eduardo, Lopes de Souza, Leonardo Borges, Martins, Luís Felipe Leite, Bezerra de Souza, Dyego Leandro, Barchuk, Anton, Hanly, Paul, Sharp, Linda, Soerjomataram, Isabelle and Pearce, Alison (2023) The economic impact of cancer mortality among working-age individuals in Brazil from 2001 to 2030. Cancer Epidemiology, 86. ISSN 18777821

de Camargo Cancela, Marianna, de Souza, Dyego Leandro Bezerra, Martins, Luís Felipe Leite, Borges, Leonardo, Schilithz, Arthur Orlando, Hanly, Paul, Sharp, Linda, Pearce, Alison and Soerjomataram, Isabelle (2023) Can the sustainable development goals for cancer be met in Brazil? A population-based study. Frontiers in Oncology, 12 (106060). ISSN 2234-943X


Garavan, T., McCarthy, A., Lai, Y., Clarke, N., McDonnell, A., Carbery, R., Murphy, K., Darcy, Colette, O'Brien, F. and Sheehan, M. (2023) Training, Organisation and Financial Performance: A Meta-Analytic Investigation of Mediating Mechanisms. In: European Academy of Management (EURAM) Conference. European Academy of Management, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland.

Garavan, Thomas, MacKenzie, Clíodhna and Darcy, Colette (2023) In the war for talent: just who is worthy of development? Talent development in organizations. In: Smart Talent Management. Edward Elgar Publishing, pp. 46-66. ISBN 9781802202717

Garavan, Thomas N., Sheerin, Corina, Koukpaki, Serge, O'Brien, Fergal, Chami-Malaeb, Rola, MacKenzie, Clíodhna and Buckley, Joan (2023) Strategic talent management in hotels during COVID-19: upper echelons and dynamic attention-based perspectives. International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management, 35 (8). pp. 2728-2754. ISSN 0959-6119

Geiger, Susi and Gross, Nicole (2023) Tech sharing, not tech hoarding: Covid-19, global solidarity, and the failed responsibility of the pharmaceutical industry. Organization.

Gross, Nicole (2023) Critical Reflexivity as the Last Frontier to Uncover and Change the Ideologies Buried Behind Practices. In: Nurturing Modalities of Inquiry in Entrepreneurship Research: Seeing the World Through the Eyes of Those who Research. Contemporary Issues in Entrepreneurship Research, 17 . Emerald Publishing. ISBN 9781802621860

Gross, Nicole (2023) What ChatGPT Tells Us about Gender: A Cautionary Tale about Performativity and Gender Biases in AI. Social Sciences, 12 (8). ISSN 2076-0760

Gross, Nicole and Geiger, Susi (2023) Choreographing for public value in digital health? Big Data & Society, 10 (2). ISSN 20539517

Gross, Nicole and Geiger, Susi (2023) Covid-19, global solidarity, and the case for equitable vaccine distribution through technology transfers. Public Policy.

Gross, Nicole and Geiger, Susi (2023) A Multimethod Qualitative Approach to Exploring Multisided Platform Business Models in Health Care. Sage Research Methods: Business.

Gross, Nicole and Mothersill, David (2023) Surveillance Capitalism in Mental Health: When Good Apps Go Rogue (and What Can Be Done about It). Social Sciences, 12 (12).


Hameed, Zahid, Garavan, Thomas, N., Naeem, Rana Muhammad, Burhan, Muhammad, Moin, Muhammad Farrukh and McCabe, Thomas, J. (2023) Subjective well-being, COVID-19 and financial strain following job loss: stretching the role of human resource management to focus on human sustainability beyond the workplace. Asia Pacific Journal of Human Resources, 62. ISSN 1744-7941

Hanly, Paul, Ortega Ortega, Marta, Pearce, Alison, de Camargo Cancela, Marianna, Soerjomataram, Isabelle and Sharp, Linda (2023) Estimating Global Friction Periods for Economic Evaluation: A Case Study of Selected OECD Member Countries. PharmacoEconomics. ISSN 1179-2027


King, S.*, Mothersill, David*, Holleran, L., Patlola, S., Burke, T., McManus, R., Kenyon, M., McDonald, C., Hallahan, B., Corvin, A., Morris, D. W., Kelly, J., McKernan, D. and Donohoe, G. (2023) Early life stress, low-grade systemic inflammation and weaker suppression of the default mode network (DMN) during face processing in Schizophrenia. Translational Psychiatry. ISSN 2158-3188 (In Press)

Kracen, A., Nelson, A.*, Michl, T.*, Rowold, M.*, Taylor, N. and Raque, T. (2023) Perspectives of postdoctoral fellows: A qualitative study of clinical supervision in psycho-oncology. Psychological Services, 20 (2). pp. 206-218. ISSN 1541-1559

Kracen, Amanda +, Mothersill, David +, McClean, E. * and Woods, S. * (2023) Demystifying anxiety: A teaching tool to destigmatize mental health and enhance students’ resilience. In: A Psychology Skillbuilding Toolbox for Students. Society for the Teaching of Psychology. ISBN 978-1-941804-73-5


Lannon-Boran, Colm, Hannigan, Caoimhe, McHugh Power, Joanna E., Lambert, Jonathan and Kelly, Michelle E. (2023) The effect of mindfulness-based intervention on cognitively unimpaired older adults’ cognitive function and sleep quality: a systematic review and meta-analysis. Aging & Mental Health. ISSN 1364-6915

Linehan, Margaret and Sheerin, Corina (2023) The Black Ceiling: Employment Experiences of Women of Colour in Southwest Ireland [Report]. Munster Technological University, Cork, Ireland.


McCabe, Thomas, J., Garavan, Thomas, N., Carbery, Ronan, Greeley, Sarah and Song, Haiyan (2023) Chinese students entrepreneurial career anchors, self-cultivation and the role of in-group collectivist values and gender: a conservation of resources perspective. Human Resource Development International. ISSN 1367-8868

McGinty, Gráinne, Fox, Robert, Roberts, Bayard, Makhashvili, Nino, Javakhishvili, Jana D. and Hyland, Philip (2023) Post-traumatic Stress Disorder, Complex Post-traumatic Stress Disorder, and Coping Styles among Internally Displaced Ukrainians. Journal of Loss and Trauma, 28 (7). pp. 571-587. ISSN 15325024

Michl, T.*, Stookey, A.*, Wilson, J.*, Chiou, K.*, Raque, T. and Kracen, A. (2023) Trans Abroad: American Transgender Students’ Experiences of Navigating Identity and Community While Studying Abroad. Social Sciences, 12 (9). ISSN 2076-0760


Ortega Ortega, Marta, Hanly, Paul, Pearce, Alison, Soerjomataram, Isabelle and Sharp, Linda (2023) Projected Impact on Labour Productivity Costs of Cancer-Related Premature Mortality in Europe 2018–2040. Applied Health Economics and Health Policy, 21 (6). pp. 877-889. ISSN 11755652


Rogan, Carol, Rock, Bernadette, Begley, Emer, Boland, Barry, Brazil, Kevin, Diaz-Orueta, Unai, Donnelly, Sarah, Foley, Michael, Foley, Tony, Hannigan, Caoimhe, Hopper, Louise, Keogh, Fiona, Lawlor, Brian, Leroi, Iracema, O'Neill, Cora, O'Philbin, Laura, Pertl, Maria M., Trépel, Dominic and Kennelly, Seán (2023) Dementia Research in Ireland: What should we prioritise? HRB Open Research, 6 (12). ISSN 2515-4826


Sheerin, Corina and Brittain, Jonathan (2023) Irish apprenticeships in financial services: negotiating gender and navigating social justice. Higher Education, Skills and Work-Based Learning. ISSN 2042-3896

Sheerin, Corina and Linehan, Margaret (2023) ‘Everyone should have a wife’ – extreme work, eldercare, and the gendered academy in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic. International Journal of Human Resource Management. ISSN 1466-4399

Shet, S., Garavan, T., Panchal, D., Darcy, Colette and O'Brien, F. (2023) Middle Managers' Competencies and Job Performance: A Configurational Approach. In: 83rd Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management, 4-8 August, Boston, Massachusetts.

Simpson, A., Sheerin, Corina and Hurley, V. (2023) Giving Shape to Finance and the City of London: Permissive Regulation and Minimalist Governance. In: Combating Financial Crime: Global and National Trends. Springer. (In Press)

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