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Allen, Andrew P., Naughton, Marie, Dowling, J., Walsh, Annabel, Ismail, Fahmi, Shorten, George, Scott, Lucinda, McLoughlin, Declan M., Cryan, John F., Dinan, Timothy G. and Clarke, Gerard (2015) Serum BDNF as a peripheral biomarker of treatment-resistant depression and the rapid antidepressant response: A comparison of ketamine and ECT. Journal of Affective Disorders, 186. pp. 306-311. ISSN 0165-0327

Bach, Patric, Nicholson, Toby and Hudson, Matthew (2015) Response: No need to match: a comment on Bach, Nicholson, and Hudson's “Affordance-Matching Hypothesis”. Frontiers in Human Neuroscience, 9. p. 685. ISSN 1662-5161

Connolly, Niall, Gross, Nicole and McNamara, Peter (2015) Tracing The Business Model: A Bibliometric Study On Intellectual Roots. Academy of Management Proceedings, 2015 (1). p. 13390. ISSN 2151-6561

Costelloe, Laura (2015) 'Charlie Hebdo' and the legacy of the eternal outsider. Irish Independent.

Dhingra, Katie, Boduszek, Daniel, Hyland, Philip and Shagufta, Sonia (2015) Suicide attempts among incarcerated homicide offenders. Suicidology Online, 6 (2). pp. 27-34. ISSN 2078-5488

Dhingra, Katie, Debowska, Agata, Sharratt, Kathryn, Hyland, Philip and Kola-Palmer, Susanna (2015) Psychopathy, gang membership, and moral disengagement among juvenile offenders. Journal of Criminal Psychology, 5 (1). pp. 13-24. ISSN 2009-3829

Egan, Arlene, Maguire, Rebecca, O'Malley, Grace and Hyland, Philip (2015) Thinking creatively: Is there a relationship between creativity and thinking styles? The Irish Psychologist, 42 (1). S11. ISSN 0790-4789

Egan, Arlene, Maguire, Rebecca and Rooney, B. (2015) Exploring children's perception of creativity using the draw-write-tell technique. The Irish Psychologist, 42 (1). S11. ISSN 0790-4789

Ehsani, Johnathon, Li, Kaigang, Simons-Morton, Bruce G., Tree-McGrath, Cheyenne Fox, Perlus, Jessamyn G., O'Brien, Fearghal and Klauer, Sheila G. (2015) Conscientious personality and young drivers' crash risk. Journal of Safety Research, 54. pp. 83-87. ISSN 0022-4375

Hanly, Paul, Maguire, Rebecca, Hyland, Philip and Sharp, Linda (2015) Examining the role of subjective and objective burden in carer health-related quality of life: the case of colorectal cancer. Supportive Care in Cancer, 23 (7). pp. 1941-1949. ISSN 1433-7339

Hanly, Paul, Pearce, Alison and Sharp, Linda (2015) Cancer And Premature Mortality In Ireland: An Employer’s Perspective Following The Friction Cost Approach. Value in Health, 18 (7). A465. ISSN 1098-3015

Hanly, Paul, Soerjomataram, Isabelle and Sharp, Linda (2015) Measuring the societal burden of cancer: The cost of lost productivity due to premature cancer-related mortality in Europe. International Journal of Cancer, 136 (4). E136-E145. ISSN 1097-0215

Hanly, Paul, Ó Céilleachair, Alan, Skally, Mairead, O'Neill, Ciaran and Sharp, Linda (2015) Direct costs of radiotherapy for rectal cancer: a microcosting study. BMC Health Services Research, 15 (184).

Hannigan, Caoimhe, Coen, Robert F., Lawlor, Brian A., Robertson, Ian H. and Brennan, Sabina (2015) The NEIL Memory Research Unit: psychosocial, biological, physiological and lifestyle factors associated with healthy ageing: study protocol. BMC Psychology, 3 (1). pp. 20-34. ISSN 2050-7283

Hansen, M, Hyland, Philip, Armour, Cherie, Elklit, Ask and Shevlin, Mark (2015) The factor structure of PTSD: testing competing DSM-5 models with an ICD-11 alternative across multiple traumatic exposures. Journal of Psychiatric Research. ISSN 0022-3956 (Submitted)

Hansen, Maj, Hyland, Philip, Armour, Cherie, Shevlin, Mark and Elklit, Ask (2015) Less is more? Assessing the validity of the ICD-11 model of PTSD across multiple trauma samples. European Journal of Psychotraumatology, 6 (28766).

Hargreaves, April, Dillon, Rachael, Anderson-Schmidt, Heike, Corvin, Aiden, Fitzmaurice, Brian, Castorina, Marco, Robertson, I.H. and Donohoe, Gary (2015) Computerised working-memory focused cognitive remediation therapy for psychosis — A preliminary study. Schizophrenia Research, 69 (1-3). pp. 135-140. ISSN 0920-9964

Hyland, Philip (2015) Application of bifactor models in criminal psychology: A guide to researchers. Journal of Criminal Psychology, 5 (2). pp. 65-74. ISSN 2009-3829

Hyland, Philip, Boduszek, Daniel, Dhingra, Katie, Shevlin, Mark, Maguire, Rebecca and Morely, Kevin (2015) A test of the inventory of attitudes toward seeking mental health services. British Journal of Guidance & Counselling, 43 (4). pp. 397-412. ISSN 1469-3534

Hyland, Philip, Fox, R., Treacy, G., Maguire, Phil and Boduszek, Daniel (2015) The psychometric properties of the Attitudes and Belief Scale 2 - Abbreviated version: A call for the development of a gold standard method of measuring rational and irrational beliefs. Journal of Rational-Emotive & Cognitive-Behavior Therapy. ISSN 1573-6563 (Submitted)

Hyland, Philip, Murphy, J, Shevlin, Mark, Carey, S and Elklit, Ask (2015) The Dimensional Structure of Psychopathology among Victims of Childhood Sexual Abuse. Psychological Medicine. ISSN 1469-8978 (Submitted)

Hyland, Philip, Shevlin, Mark, Adamson, Gary and Boduszek, Daniel (2015) Irrational Beliefs in Posttraumatic Stress Responses : A Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy Approach. Journal of Loss and Trauma: International Perspectives on Stress & Coping, 20 (2). pp. 171-188. ISSN 1532-5032

Hyland, Philip, Shevlin, Mark, Murphy, J, Carey, S and Elklit, Ask (2015) The Relationship between PTSD and Trauma Cognitions Decades after Trauma Exposure: A Prospective Study of Childhood Sexual Abuse Victims. Journal of Anxiety Disorders. ISSN 0887-6185 (Submitted)

Kelly, Michelle E. and Barnes-Holmes, Dermot (2015) Measuring Implicit and Explicit Acceptability of Reinforcement Versus Punishment Interventions with Teachers Working in ABA Versus Mainstream Schools. The Psychological Record, 65 (2). pp. 251-265. ISSN 2163-3452

Lambe, Danielle, Murphy, Carol and Kelly, Michelle E. (2015) The Impact of a Precision Teaching Intervention on the Reading Fluency of Typically Developing Children. Behavioral Interventions, 30 (4). pp. 364-377. ISSN 1099-078X

Loughnane, Gerard M., Shanley, John P., Lalor, Edmund C. and O'Connell, Redmond G. (2015) Behavioral and electrophysiological evidence of opposing lateral visuospatial asymmetries in the upper and lower visual fields. Cortex, 63. pp. 220-231. ISSN 0010-9452

Maguire, Louise and Geiger, Susi (2015) Emotional timescapes: the temporal perspective and consumption emotions in services. Journal of Services Marketing, 29 (3). pp. 211-223. ISSN 0887-6045

Maguire, Phil, Moser, Philippe and Maguire, Rebecca (2015) A clarification on Turing’s test and its implications for machine intelligence. Proceedings of the 11th International Conference on Cognitive Science. pp. 318-323. ISSN 1613-0073

Maguire, Phil, Mulhall, Oisín, Maguire, Rebecca and Taylor, Jessica (2015) Compressionism: A Theory of Mind Based on Data Compression. Proceedings of the 11th International Conference on Cognitive Science. pp. 294-299. ISSN 1613-0073

Maguire, Rebecca, Egan, Arlene, Hyland, Philip and Maguire, Phil (2015) Engaging students emotionally: The role of emotional intelligence in cognitive and affective engagement in Higher Education. Research in Higher Education Journal. ISSN 1941-3432 (Submitted)

Maguire, Rebecca, Egan, Arlene and Maguire, Phil (2015) Creativity: breaking or bending the rules? The Irish Psychologist, 42 (1). S22. ISSN 0790-4789

McHugh, Joanna E., Kenny, Rose Ann, Lawlor, Brian A. and Kee, Frank (2015) O-060: Social factors predict cognitive outcomes cross-sectionally, but not longitudinally, among older Irish adults. European Geriatric Medicine, 6 (1). S22. ISSN 1878-7649

McHugh, Joanna E. and Lawlor, Brian A. (2015) Executive functioning independently predicts self-rated health and improvement in self-rated health over time among community-dwelling older adults. Aging & Mental Health. ISSN 1364-6915

McHugh, Joanna E., Lee, Olga, Aspell, Niamh, Lawlor, Brian A. and Brennan, Sabina (2015) A Shared Mealtime Approach to Improving Social and Nutritional Functioning Among Older Adults Living Alone: Study Protocol for a Randomized Controlled Trial. JMIR Research Protocols, 4 (2).

McHugh, Joanna E., Lee, Olga, Lawlor, Brian A. and Brennan, Sabina (2015) The meaning of mealtimes: social and nutritional needs identified among older adults attending day services and by healthcare professionals. International Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry, 30 (3). pp. 325-329. ISSN 1099-1166

McNally, Sinéad and Maguire, Rebecca (2015) Keep Calm and Carry On: Children’s Self-Regulation in Early Years Settings. Children's Research Digest, 2 (2). pp. 47-53. ISSN 2009-7298

Murphy, Carol, Hussey, Tara, Barnes-Holmes, Dermot and Kelly, Michelle E. (2015) The Implicit Relational Assessment procedure (IRAP) and attractiveness bias. Journal of Contextual Behavioral Science, 4 (4). pp. 292-299. ISSN 2212-1447

Pearce, Alison, Hanly, Paul, Sharp, Linda and Soerjomataram, Isabelle (2015) The Burden of Cancer in Emerging Economies: Productivity Loss as an Alternative Perspective. Value in Health, 18 (7). A336. ISSN 1098-3015

Pearce, Alison M. , Hanly, Paul, Timmons, Aileen, Walsh, Paul M. , O'Neill, Ciaran, O'Sullivan, Eleanor, Gooberman-Hill, Rachael, Thomas, Audrey Alforque, Gallagher, Pamela and Sharp, Linda (2015) Productivity Losses Associated with Head and Neck Cancer Using the Human Capital and Friction Cost Approaches. Applied Health Economics and Health Policy, 13 (4). pp. 359-367. ISSN 1179-1896

Sheerin, Corina (2015) The (She) Wolf of Wall Street: Myth or Reality. Accounting, Finance & Governance Review, 22 (2). pp. 19-46. ISSN 2009-8766

Sundin, E., Hyland, Philip, Shevlin, Mark, Znoj, H. J. and Maercker, A. (2015) Sense of Emotional Control Questionnaire: A self-report measure. Psychosomatic Medicine. ISSN 1534-7796 (Submitted)

Vallières, F, McAuliffe, E, Galligan, M, Hyland, Philip and Ghee, A (2015) Measuring Work Engagement among Community Health Workers in Sierra Leone: Validating the Utrecht Work Engagement Scale. International Journal of Behavioral Medicine. ISSN 1532-7558 (Submitted)

Book Section

Geiger, Susi and Gross, Nicole (2015) Medicine Patent Pools: Redevising the Pharma Market or a Case of ‘plus ça change…’? In: 31st EGOS Colloquium. EGOS, Athens, Greece.

Geiger, Susi and Gross, Nicole (2015) eHealth Markets between Wonder and Woe: Shaping Health Practices through Promissories. In: 4S Annual Meeting. Society for Social Studies of Science, Denver, Colorado.

Gross, Nicole, Connolly, Niall and McNamara, Peter (2015) Business models in action: constructing a dynamic framework to navigate the business model innovating process (Conference Poster). In: 31st EGOS Colloquium. EGOS, Athens, Greece.

Gross, Nicole, Laamanen, Mikko and Geiger, Susi (2015) Small Firms, Marketing Practise and Marketing Competencies: Insights from the Field. In: 31st EGOS Colloquium. EGOS, Athens, Greece.

McCabe, Thomas, J. (2015) Graduate Employability. In: Human Resource Development: A Concise Introduction. Palgrave Macmillan, Basingstoke, pp. 231-49. ISBN 9781137360090


Hannigan, Caoimhe, Carney, Síle, McHugh, Joanna E. and Lawlor, Brian A. (2015) More than a phone call: An evaluation of the Good Morning Service, Donegal. Project Report. Trinity College Dublin, Dublin.

Kelly, Michelle E. and O'Sullivan, Maria (2015) Strategies and Techniques for Cognitive Rehabilitation: Manual for healthcare professionals working with individuals with cognitive impairment. Project Report. Alzheimer Society of Ireland.

Lambert, Jonathan, Sheerin, Corina, O'Loughlin, Eugene, McKeever, John and Delaney, Tony (2015) Statistical Formulae and Tables for Postgraduate Students 2015. Manual. National College of Ireland, Dublin.

Lambert, Jonathan, Sheerin, Corina, O'Loughlin, Eugene, McKeever, John and Delaney, Tony (2015) Statistical Formulae and Tables for Undergraduate Students 2015. Manual. National College of Ireland, Dublin.

Sheerin, Corina and Whitston, Colin (2015) Performance Related Management and Pay in Ulster bank: a report of a survey of IBOA members. Management Report. Irish Bank Officers Association, Dublin.

Conference or Workshop Item

Bane, Deirdre (2015) The Digital Arts and Humanities and Entrepreneurship Education. In: University-Industry Interaction Conference UIIN 2015, 24th-26th June 2015, Berlin, Germany. (Submitted)

Hanly, Paul (2015) Cancer and Productivity Loss in the Irish Economy: An Employers Perspective. In: 29th Irish Economic Association Annual Conference, 7th-8th May 2015, Institute of Banking, IFSC, 1 North Wall Quay, Dublin. (Submitted)

Hanly, Paul (2015) The burden of cancer in emerging economies: Productivity loss as an alternative perspective. In: ISPOR 18th Annual European Congress, 7th-11th November 2015, MiCo - Milano Congressi, Milan, Italy. (Submitted)

Hansen, Maj, Hyland, Philip, Armour, Cherie, Shevlin, Mark and Elklit, Ask (2015) The factor structure of PTSD testing DSM-5 models and an ICD-11 alternative across multiple traumas. In: 14th Annual Conference of the European Society for Traumatic Stress Studies, 10th-13th June 2015, Radisson BLU Hotel Lietuva, Vilnius, Lithuania. (Submitted)

Hyland, Philip (2015) Rethinking Standard Models of Psychopathology: Where to Next? In: 45th PSI Annual Conference, 11th-14th November 2015, Radisson Blu Hotel & Spa, Galway, Ireland. (Submitted)

Hyland, Philip, Carey, S, Murphy, Jamie, Boduszek, Daniel and David, D. O. (2015) The Relationship between Irrational Beliefs, Loneliness, and Psychiatric Morbidity. In: Annual Conference of the Association for Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy, 26th November 2015, British Psychological Society, London, UK. (Submitted)

Hyland, Philip, Hansen, Maj, Armour, Cherie, Shevlin, Mark and Elklit, Ask (2015) Understanding the Nature of PTSD: An Empirical Comparison of the DSM-5 and ICD-11 Models of PTSD. In: 45th PSI Annual Conference, 11th-14th November 2015, Radisson Blu Hotel & Spa, Galway, Ireland. (Submitted)

Hyland, Philip, Murphy, Jamie, Shevlin, Mark, Carey, S and Elklit, Ask (2015) The Presence of a General Factor of Psychopathology in the Structure of Axis-I Psychiatric Disorders. In: 45th PSI Annual Conference, 11th-14th November 2015, Radisson Blu Hotel & Spa, Galway, Ireland. (Submitted)

Hyland, Philip, Murphy, Jamie, Shevlin, Mark, Carey, S and Elklit, Ask (2015) The dimensional structure of psychopathology among victims of childhood sexual abuse. In: 2015 NIBPS Annual Conference, 20th-22nd May 2015, Armagh City Hotel, Armagh, Northern Ireland. (Submitted)

McNally, Sinéad, Kent, Gráinne, Fagan, Beth and Bleach, Josephine (2015) Knowledge Exchange in Early Childhood Research and Practice: Findings from the Early Learning Initiative and the National College of Ireland. In: OMEP Ireland AGM and Annual Research Conference, 25 April 2015, University College Cork, Cork. (Submitted)

McNally, Sinéad, Quigley, Jean, McCrory, Cathal and Murray, Aisling (2015) Identifying Resilience in Early Child Language Development. In: International Convention for Psychological Science, 13 March 2015, Amsterdam, The Netherlands. (Submitted)

Mothersill, Omar (2015) Association of a schizophrenia risk variant within CACNA1C with altered prefrontal connectivity. In: School of Psychology Annual Research Day, 11th June 2015, National University of Ireland Galway, Ireland. (Submitted)

O'Brien, Fearghal, Chaurasia, A. and Simons-Morton, Bruce G. (2015) Parental knowledge during high school and subsequent alcohol use post high school. In: 2015 Society for Research in Child Development Biennial Meeting, 19th-21st March 2015, Philadelphia, PA. (Submitted)

O'Brien, Fearghal, Li, Kaigang, Perlus, Jessamyn G., Grayton, Candice and Simons-Morton, Bruce G. (2015) Association between Risky Driving and Alcohol Use Among Adolescents: Preliminary Analysis Using g-Force Event Rates. In: 95th Annual Meeting of the Transportation Research Board, 11th-15th January 2015, Washington, DC. (Submitted)

Perlus, Jessamyn G., O'Brien, Fearghal, Haynie, Denise and Simons-Morton, Bruce G. (2015) Adolescent sleep insufficiency one year after high school. In: 2015 Annual Convention of the American Psychological Association, 6th-9th August 2015, Toronto, ON. (Submitted)

Quigley, Jean and McNally, Sinéad (2015) Maternal Education and Child Language: Predicting Positive Outcomes for Children of Low and High Educated Mothers. In: Child Language Symposium, 20-21 July 2015, University of Warwick. (Submitted)

Sheerin, Corina (2015) Antecedents of Women's Exit from Investment Management. In: Irish Accounting and Finance Conference, 14th-15th May 2015, Dublin Institute of Technology, Dublin. (Submitted)

Sheerin, Corina (2015) Career Choice, Media Portrayal and Investment Management. In: British Academy of Management Annual Conference 2015, 8th-10th September 2015, University of Portsmouth, Portsmouth, UK. (Submitted)

Sheerin, Corina (2015) Women in Irish Investment Management - An Exploration of Social Closure Theory as an Explanatory Criterion. In: 12th Conference of the European Sociological Association, 25th-28th August 2015, Institute of Sociology of the Czech Academy of Sciences, Prague, Czech Republic. (Submitted)

Vallières, Frédérique, Hyland, Philip, McAuliffe, E, Mahmud, I, Taegtmeyer, M, Tulloch, O and Walker, P (2015) Cross-cultural Development and Validation of the Perceived Supervision Scale: A Study of Community Health Workers. In: 45th PSI Annual Conference, 11th-14th November 2015, Radisson Blu Hotel & Spa, Galway, Ireland. (Submitted)


Beere, Rosalind (2015) Franchising : Theory and Practice. Palgrave Pivot. (In Press)

Beere, Rosalind (2015) Franchising : an overview. Oak Tree Press. (In Press)

Hargreaves, Iain and Hargreaves, April (2015) Coenzyme Q10: From Fact to Fiction. Pharmacology - Research, Safety Testing and Regulation . Nova Science Publishers. ISBN 9781634828413

Teaching Resource

Gross, Nicole, Connolly, Niall and McNamara, Peter (2015) Connected Health Technology: Private Pharmacies Competing Innovatively in Ireland. [Teaching Resource]

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